Aloysius church

Aloysius church

Late baroque architecture.

You can find the beautiful building of late baroque architecture when you stroll through the old town core, as it adorns the old street Koroška cesta and rounds off the cultural and artistic picture of the square Glavni trg. The local architect Johannes Fuchs designed the building and Jožef Holzinger made the fittings. The church, with its extremely beautiful rococo railings, was built in 1769.

Panorama paintings of three Štajerska towns

The statue of St. Andrew’s and St Peter adorns the main altar, also a late baroque colonnade work of art.  The altar picture of St Aloysius, with its panorama of Maribor, is the work of artist and director of the Graz gallery Gianpaolo Tunner. The artist Kuppelwieser painted the paintings for both sides of the altar, St Viktorin with a view of Ptuj and St Maxsimilian with a view of Celje. Consequently there are three church paintings, all collected in one place, depicting panoramas of three Štajerska towns, dating from the 19th century.

Church and military storehouse

After the dissolution of the Jesuit order in 1773, the church and residence were taken over by the army, who later vacated the church in 1831 and the residence as late as 1859, when Anton Martin Slomšek established a theological seminary there; this was the first school of higher education in Maribor. In 1831 the church was re-consecrated for ecclesiastical purposes

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