Skalca Waterfall

Skalca Waterfall

Waterfall and a stream flowing to the lowlands

The stream was once used for economic purposes

On Pohorje numerous streams, brooks and waterfalls will catch you attention. Enjoy in the dance of water, slopes and currents!

Fram Stream and Fram Waterfall!

Visit the Fram waterfall or Skalca waterfall. The stream Framski potok has its source in two places; the first part has its source below Hotel Zarja, and the second part under the lodge Dominikov dom. The waterfall, approximately 16m high, is located in the immediate vicinity of the regional road Hoče-Areh-Bellevue.

The stream flows in natural surroundings all the way to the lowland – to the settlement of Fram. In days of old the stream was used for economic purposes.  The milling, sawmill and oil mill trades were very well developed and contributed to the characteristic of the place.

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