Green tips and tricks

Green tips and tricks

We are thankful for everything you do to keep nature clean and green.

Destination Maribor strives to remain a green destination with something for everyone, so here are a few tips to help visitors and providers alike achieve sustainable development. We are thankful for everything you do to keep nature clean and green.

...  In Slovenia, tap water isn’t just potable, it’s delicious!
...  You can help protect the environment by limiting your water and electricity consumption.
...  Try local dishes and buy goods from local providers.
...  To get around the city, use a bike, e-bike, e-bus, or the wandering Maister mini e-vehicle to reduce emissions.
...  The city’s biggest attraction, the Old Vine House with its 400-year-old grapevine, offers an elite selection of wines from Štajerska, so you can support local winemakers and the region’s economy.
...  Maribor boasts several buildings that proudly bear the sustainability marks EU Ecolabel and Green Key.
...  The destination also offers green adventures, including bird watching, impressive botanical gardens, and the chance to bike through the whole region.
...  Take part in a workshop on processing Slovenian wood, a workshop on baking local specialties, a sommelier workshop, a chocolate workshop, or even a beekeeping workshop.
...  Enjoy local delicacies, from the Pohorje omelet and mushroom with buckwheat “žganci” to our local stews and charcuterie.
...  Check out traditional events like the Lent Festival, the Old Grapevine Festival, and the Golden Fox skiing tournament.

Enjoy our city and take part of its spirit along with you. Thank you for helping us keep it pristine for the visitors who are yet to discover the magic of Maribor!

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