Wine fountain

Wine fountain

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In Vodole, at the Sunshine Paradise Estate, springtime visitors will be greeted by the first wine fountain in Maribor. It will offer eight different varieties from local winemakers and two non-alcoholic herb syrups.

On the edge of Maribor, where you get the sense time stands still even if for just a moment, farmers have been growing grapes and making wine for decades. Hills, valleys and streams characterise the little village of Vodole, where you can feel nature, authenticity and homeliness at every step. Here, farmers carefully seek a balance in the connection between modern winemaking and nature, which we increasingly rely on for our survival. On the heavy soil of this region, they put together a symbiosis of vineyards, fields of grain, flowering meadows and herb gardens. Only in such symbiosis of plants and animals can the Slovenian countryside shine in its best light.

The specific growing conditions, the climate and the diligence of the local people result in the exceptional wines of the Styrian hills with which we hope to inspire wine lovers. Using a delicate touch and in harmony with nature, we have situated a unique addition to this landscape, something that is connected to the traditions of the region and where we want to present the wines of local winemakers for you to sample.

The Vodole Wine Fountain is not only a hub of information but also a unique place where you can taste eight different wine varieties (six whites and two reds), as well as sample two non-alcoholic herb syrups made organically at local farms. Among the winegrowing hills you will find beehives and a park of native honey plants where you can let your senses take in all it has to offer.

Take a special glass with an electronic chip on your walk among the local winemakers’ barrels and choose your own combination of wines. 

The Wine Fountain offers wines from: Protner Farmstay, Emil Farmstay, Bračko Rebernik Farmstay, Joannes Wines, Valentan Organic Farm, Gala Wine – Mlaker Winemaker, Mak Winegrower and Winery and Wine cellar Zlati grič.

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