Bike Park Pohorje Maribor - Fury trail

Bike Park Pohorje Maribor - Fury trail

Do you have the courage to take a bike ride on Pohorje slopes?

Treat yourself with an adrenaline experience.

Not sure what to do with your adrenaline? Want to find out how to "rock" your mountain bike? We have a perfect solution – stop by the Pohorje Bike Park and get ready for a wild adrenaline descent down the slopes of the Maribor's Pohorje.


  • Lenght: 820 m
  • Altitude difference: 225 m

The Fury Trail is a thrilling black-rated enduro trail, a singletrack peppered with challenging natural elements such as roots, natural drops, and sharp switchbacks that will thoroughly put your biking skills to the test.

Embarking on the Fury Trail, you'll first need to locate its discreet entrance, nestled near Trikotna jasa, just across from the exit of the famous Rock'n Roll section of the World Cup track.

This trail is a rugged, natural masterpiece painstakingly crafted with hand tools, designed to challenge even the experienced mountain bikers. The demanding terrain demands your utmost concentration and promises to conjure up unforgettable joy.

For maximum enjoyment on the Fury Trail, it's advisable to opt for a nimble and responsive enduro bike, rather than a more cushioned and less maneuverable downhill bike. This choice will undoubtedly enhance your experience on this fury ride.


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