Bike Park Pohorje Maribor - Red Line

Bike Park Pohorje Maribor - Red Line

Do you have the courage to take a bike ride on Pohorje slopes?

Treat yourself with an adrenaline experience.

Not sure what to do with your adrenaline? Want to find out how to "rock" your mountain bike? We have a perfect solution – stop by the Pohorje Bike Park and get ready for a wild adrenaline descent down the slopes of the Maribor's Pohorje.


  • Lenght: 2,9 km
  • Altitude difference: 510 m

The Red Line, marked as a red track, commences its exhilarating journey at the upper station of the Cable Car Pohorska vzpenjača. Spanning approximately 2.9 kilometers in length, this trail offers an adrenaline-pumping descent of more than 510 meters, ultimately leading cyclists a few meters below the intermediate station of the Pohorska vzpenjača. Here, it merges with the Flow Line, guiding riders further into the valley.

The Red Line is thoughtfully crafted for riders who thrive on high-speed big berms and airborne adventures. Throughout the trail, you'll find a series of jumps designed to accommodate progressive skill development and instill confidence. Double jumps, drops, and other challenging elements are clearly marked with distinct signs.

This course offers a remarkably fluid riding experience and promises endless excitement for cyclists with a few kilometers already under their belts. It provides an ideal platform for riders to elevate their mountain biking expertise within the scenic landscape of Bike Park Pohorje Maribor.


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