Vinag Wine Cellar

Vinag Wine Cellar

Valuable selection of wine

Treasury of wine

The Maribor city centre is the place of one of the largest and oldest classical wine cellars in Europe! The oldest part of the cellar spreading over 15,000 m2 and boasting 2.1 km long underground passages was built in 1847. Wooden barrels, concrete tankers, bottles with wine patina, etc. have a total capacity of 3 million litres!

The most precious particularity is definitively the wine archive where bottles of the best vintages are stored. After exploring the “Maribor underground”, visit a nice tasting room and indulge in excellent wine experience. You can also buy wines there.

Offer for groups*:

  • CLASSIC PACKAGE (15,00 EUR/person)
    Guided tour of the cellar + 2 wine sample.
  • CLASSIC PLUS PACKAGE (20,00 EUR/person)
    Guided tour of the cellar + 3 wine samples.
  • PREMIUM PACKAGE (25,00 EUR/person)**
    Guided tour of the cellar + 4 wine samples + cheese plate.
  • EXTRA PREMIUM PACKAGE (30,00 EUR/person)**
    Guided tour of the cellar + 4 wine samples + meat plate

*The guided tours take place in Slovene, English, German and Croatian languages.

Prior arrangement at least 2 days in advance.
**PREMIUM PACKAGE and EXTRA PREMIUM PACKAGE:the offer is carried out with a minimum number of participants of 7 people.

Offer for individual guests

It is possible to visit the winery:

From JUNE onwards

Monday-Sunday: from 11.00 to 22.00



- 11.00
- 14.00
- 16.00 
- 17.30
- 19.00

The visit lasts 1.5 hours, includes a guided tour of the cellar, and includes 2-4 wine samples.

***Guided tours are available in Slovenian, English, German or Serbian or Croatian.

****For tours outside the regular tour dates, prior reservation is required.

Guided tour of the winery includes:

Guided tour of one of the LARGEST classic tunnel wine cellars in the centre of European cities.
- a walk through the wine tunnels for a total length of 2 kilometres
- a walk among more than 144 wooden barrels
- a tour of the archives
- Vinag wine tasting
- an interesting and educational experience
- wine available for purchase after the tour and tasting.


Monday-Sunday: 10.00 to 18.00