General Maister Square

General Maister Square

Commemorating the Maribor general

The square has a lime tree that was planted after the declaration of independence of Slovenia

It in the pleasant shadow of the square's trees and enjoy the view of the beautiful neo-Renaissance building of the First Grammar School, lively happenings in front of it and feel the throb from the square Trg svobode. The square Trg generala Maistra is adorned with a fountain, monument of General Maister and the memorial of journalist Anton Tomšič. You can continue you way to the marvellous City Park, which is just a minute or two away and has three ponds.

In the immediate vicinity is Maribor's castle on one side of the square and the building of the Municipality of Maribor on the other.

General Rudolf Maister Monument

Due to his services in the formation of Slovenia’s northern state frontier Rudolf Maister belongs among exceptionally important Mariborians. Where the park and pavement part of the square meet a memorial was erected to General Rudolf Maister in the year 1987 and six years later the square was renamed and called Trg generala Maistra. By the monument stands a linden treeplanted on the occasion of the proclamation of Slovenia's independence in the year 1991, and in the ground is buried a bottle with a document that describes the solemn event.

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