Narodni Dom

Narodni Dom

Very important for the inhabitants of Maribor

Home of culture and national awakening

Narodni dom was built by the bank Slovenska posojilnica between 1897-98 according to a plan by the Czech architect Jan Vejrych based on a plan for the town hall in Pardubica. The building was of exceptional importance for the Slovene part of the then Maribor inhabitants, as in it they got a place for all the then Slovene national awakening and cultural organisations. In the cataclysm of 1918 the National Council for Štajerska occupied Narodni dom, for decades after the Second World War it was managed by the military; in it was the home of the Yugoslav national forces - Dom jugoslovanske ljudske armade.

20th and 21st century

It was only after 1992 that it became Narodni dom again. It now is the seat of the Cultural-Event Centre Narodni dom Maribor; in front of the building stands a stylised monument of  Prince Koclej. The Cultural-Event Centre Narodni dom Maribor is the organiser of the well known, traditional Festival Lent and numerous performances as part of the event Festival Maribor, Maribor Philharmonic Society Chamber cycle, Comedies, Small stage etc throughout the year.