The most magical and the oldest part of Maribor

Rich cultural heritage

Lent is the most delightful and the oldest part of the city of Maribor. The oldest vine in the world grows its deep roots in front of the Old Vine House, and has witnessed many stories that have taken place on the banks of the Drava River. The greatest mark was definitely left by the rafters who refreshed themselves at the largest rafting harbour of that time and obtained supplies for their further navigation towards Croatia and Serbia.

Rich Cultural Heritage

You can see most of the attractions of Maribor while walking through Lent. It is best to start at the Old Vine, continue past Judgement Tower to the Maribor Market where you can buy original products of the local farmers and craftsmen. The route further leads you towards the Studenci Footbridge where lovers can attach padlocks to the railing, as a sign of eternal love.

When you cross the Drava River, you can admire the breathtaking view of the old part of the city of Maribor from the right bank. Walk to the Old Bridge, cross it and continue towards the starting point along the Usnjarska Ulica Street past the Žički Dvor Manor, synagogue, medieval walls and Water tower where you can taste excellent local wines in a modern wine cellar.

Those who prefer long walks can turn to the rafting educational trail at the Studenci Footbridge, which leads past Koblar Bay and all the way to the Maribor Island.

Admire the Drava River

The Drava River has undoubtedly left a great mark on Lent. Today you can enjoy a ride by traditional raft or by the Dravska Vila Boat. Numerous bars, cafés and restaurants offering international food invite you to laze around in the company of the excellent gastronomic offer.

The Largest Slovenian Outdoor Festival

Every summer the Lent Festival is held in Maribor. It is considered the largest Slovenian outdoor festival and one of the largest in Europe.


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