Blog: 5 reasons why you should visit Maribor

Date: 21. 11. 2022
Location: Maribor

Maribor, also known as the Styrian (the Štajerska region) capital of Slovenia, often stands in the shadow of Ljubljana, Bled and the stalactite caves of Postojna. But this city, which is also the second largest city in Slovenia and one of the crossroads of the Pohorje offers its visitors many hidden gems that are worth a visit to Maribor, as well as vineyards and the Drava River flowing through the city.

1. For all who love sports

For those who not only want to relax and lie on the beach when on vacation, Maribor is certainly the right holiday destination that meets all your needs. Maribor offers numerous opportunities for a varied active holiday and Pohorje has many great activities throughout the year. In the winter, the white slopes on the outskirts of the city beckon, and in summer you can explore the Maribor Pohorje on the hiking trails. The forest trails in the Pohorje Mountains are also ideal for cyclists who are looking for an adrenaline rush. The steep downhill slopes will really freeze the blood in your veins. 

For those who only want to take a ride on their bicycle, there is a cycling route along the Drava River, and they can explore the city of Maribor. Maribor is also worthwhile if you are not in great shape or do not want to be active on holiday. For example, you can combine your stay in the capital of the Štajerska region with a visit to a sports event. Maribor is a city of many sports and the home of many world-famous top athletes. How about watching a game of the NK Maribor national football club at the Ljudski Vrt stadium, where you can cheer with the fans and even bet on the result? 

In the winter the Pohorje Mountains is where the famous women's World Cup race "The Golden Fox" (Zlata Lisica) takes place.

2. For wine lovers

The wine tradition in Maribor is as old as the old grapevine in the oldest and most beautiful district of Lent. With more than 400 years of history, it is considered to be the oldest grapevine in the world, proving the successful wine culture of the Štajerska region. Therefore, you should definitely combine your trip to the wine region with a stop at a wine cellar and book a wine tasting where you can taste some local wines. The wine lovers should not miss the second weekend in November in Maribor, when the city hosts the country's biggest festival, the feastival of St. Martin when the must is turned into wine. In the autumn there is a lot going on throughout Maribor and the surrounding area, because during this time there are many other interesting events and wine festivals. At the Old Vine Festival, you can taste the best Styrian and Slovenian wines and the local cuisine for a whole weekend in September. In addition, a varied entertainment program is offered.

3. For all that love good food

Wine tastes great with good food and in Maribor you have a variety of culinary options to choose from, so you will certainly not go home with empty stomachs. In Maribor you must taste the traditional cuisine of the area, such as Pohorski pisker (meat and vegetable stew) and Pohorski žganci (dish from potatoes or cornmeal) with milk or, if you love sweets, a Pohorje omelette. In addition to traditional inns such as Pri treh ribnikih (at the Three Ponds), Maribor also has many modern restaurants catering to the highest standards, offering unique dishes. You can also dine in excellence at the restaurant Mak or in the House Denk. You should not miss the sweet delicacies from the confectionery café Ilich and in the cafes Pohorska kavarna and Teta Frida. A must for coffee connoisseurs is certainly the HI KO FI (roasting with café), Rooster Coffee or Urban Garden, where you get the best coffee the city has to offer.

4.For all who want to experience the colourful life of the city

Take a leisurely stroll after dinner through the old town of Maribor with many beautiful walks. You will also cross the main square Glavni Trg, where you will see numerous buildings that have shaped the history of the Štajerska region. In Maribor's oldest district, Lent, where the biggest open-air festival in Slovenia takes place in summer, you can admire the oldest grapevine in the world. Take the tour of the city where you will learn many new and interesting things about the people of the region and their lifestyle. Here, the pulse of the city beats loud and strong all year round. The city also hosts a number of festivals, including various music and cultural festivals, as well as the International Puppet Festival and the well-known Maribor Theatre Festival.

5. For all that look for relaxation

A walk through the city park allows you to switch off from the stressful pace of life and to clear your thoughts. On the town hill Piramida (Pyramidenberg) you will have a marvellous view of Maribor at the beautiful vantage point. From the second town hill Kalvarija, which you can reach over 455 steps and which is also very popular with the residents of Maribor, you have a wonderful view of the city. On a walk through the vineyards and from the 348 m high lookout point on Mestni Vrh, you will feel the true pulse of the Štajerska region. If you do not want to or cannot walk, there are of course other ways to enjoy the view of the city.

It is also interesting to visit the city from a different perspective, for example going by SUP or taking the traditional way of rafting. The rafting trip in this part of Slovenia has a very special tradition and today offers visitors a very special kind of experience with Slovenian folk music accompaniment and culinary delights. In Maribor and the surrounding area there are also many places where you can relax. The Habakuk spa centre is the city's paradise of pampering. For example, you can visit the Arena Energy Wellness Centre or the Bellevue Wellness Centre with its view of the Pohorje Mountains, where you will regain your strength and return home completely refreshed. 

Take time for a visit to Maribor, only a good hour's drive from Ljubljana. If you fly to Graz, the route to Maribor is even shorter. Enjoy a different kind of experience and relax with good food and a glass of local wine.

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